Corporate Strategy

Strategic Positioning

CDB and CDB Capital’s sole listed platform in new urbanization.

As CDB capital’s operation platform in urbanization business, the Company is committed to strengthening CDB capital’s core competitiveness in the field of development and operation, and to form a national leading urban development and operation group covering financing, investment, development and operation.

Business Strategy

Leverage the close relationship between CDB and CDB Capital and government and their huge customer resources, choose high qualityproject across the country, improve the investment model and optimize business portfolio.

Transform the current model of “deep plowing individual project” into a mode of “Multiple projects going hand in hand”, achieve economies of scale.

Build first-class development capacity in the areas, such as primary land development, urban comprehensive operation, urbanization of asset management.

Take advantage of its own capacity in development and operation and CDB Capital’s financial investment strength, to provide new integrated solutions for urbanization.

Financing Strategy

Leverage the advantage of CDB and CDB Capital in the field of credit background, enhance investor confidence, and make good use of the Company’s overseas financing platform.

Use project oriented loans to further strengthen the Company’s financial strength.

Benefiting from the various sources of fundraising options of the listed platform to enhance CNTD’s overall financial leverage and return on equity.

Core Competitiveness

Continuously supplement and improve the Group’s organization structure with CDBC’s management expertise.

Rapidly accumulate external resources such as new town development alliance.

Standardize project flows to enhance accumulation and continuity of the relevant knowledge and experience.