CDBIH Profile

With a registered capital of RMB 60.6 billion, CDB Capital (CDBC) was founded in August 2009 upon approval of the State Council of China as a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Development Bank (CDB), specializing in investment and investment management business. Upholding the development principle of “serving national strategies, performing in line with CDB and maintaining business sustainability”, CDBC focuses on achieving the mission of “building a national-level investment platform and the best-in-class assets management institution”. With its business philosophy centered on “enhancing services and benefits”, CDBC has gradually established five major business segments, namely, New Urbanization, Industrial Investment, Fund Management, Overseas Investment, and Integrated Circuit, aiming to better serve China’s urban, industrial and international development, while enhancing its presence in national development and in CDB’s reforms and development. As of the end of 2016, CDBC reported RMB 127.7 billion in total assets and over RMB 200 billion in assets under its management. Since its inception, CDBC has invested in nearly 550 projects with a total investment of over RMB 200 billion.

Unique Investment Institution: CDBC is the professional investment subsidiary of CDB and one of the Chinese banking institutions specially authorized by the State Council to conduct direct investment business.

Strong Financial Capacity: Currently, CDB Capital is the largest comprehensive RMB investment institution in China in terms of registered capital. CDB Capital actively expands the sources of funds featuring "equity, debt and management", and has powerful market-based financing capacity. Besides, CDB Capital's multi-approach investment model combined with CDB's lending capabilities provides a complete financing solution for its corporate clients.

Extensive Client Network: CDB Capital and CDB have established a close business development synergistic mechanism. Relying on CDB's strong government relationships, abundant infrastructure and industrial clients nurtured through the years, as well as domestic and international branches, CDB Capital can obtain high-quality project reserves continuously and draw upon resources worldwide. It has the most extensive client network among Chinese investment institutions.

Broad Expertise: Relying on abundant expert resources and rich experience in investment and financing, CDBC has developed mature models for the operation of various products such as urban development, Pre-IPO, M&A and corporate restructuring, fixed income, mezzanine investment, and fund management, all supported by a complete risk control system.

Outstanding Management Branding: CDBC has been recognized as one of the investment and investment management institutions boasting the best corporate image and brand reputation in China. Each subsidiary is established to perform professional operation of a specific area.

Distinctive Investment Philosophy: To promote the sustainable and healthy development of the Chinese economy, CDBC uses multiple investment tools to provide support for urban development and management as well as high-quality enterprises and projects featuring great significance to the national economy, an industry-leading position and an ability to maintain sustainable development. CDBC also exports its management capacity and resources to help partners realize their full potential and increase their long-term value.