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Established in March of 1994, CDB is China's largest and most influential financial institution in business development, and China's largest wholesale banking and long-term investment and financing bank as well. CDB’s mission is to serve the national economy and long-term development strategy, in terms of supporting infrastructure, basic industries, pillar industries, the grass-root financing, and actively promoting international cooperations. By the end of 2013, CDB 's assets has been more that 8 trillion yuan , of which $ 290 billion is foreign exchange balance .

CDB is the largest forex loans and the International Cooperation bank of China, and enjoys the lowest NPL ratio in large banks, and quasi-sovereign level in credit rating. Meanwhile , CDB has maintained a close working relationship in an extensive network with large enterprise customers , central ministries , local governments, state-owned enterprises , and leading private enterprises.

In the field of urbanization, CDB has been a pioneer and main force. Since 1998 , the cumulative distribution of urbanization loans has been about 7 trillion yuan. In the year of 2013, the distribution of urbanization loans was 996.8 billion yuan , accounting for about 50 % of the national urbanization loans. CDB plays an important role in promoting local municipal infrastructure , increasing the comprehensive bearing capacity, enhancing urban industrial and technological support, strengthening the aggregation of urban population and raising employment levels , etc.,.CDB Capital is the wholly-owned equity investment platform of CDB with nearly RMB50 billion of registered capital.

CDB Capital

CDB Capital is a wholly-owned equity investment platform of CDB , and currently China's only banking subsidiary, which is also a professional investment institution with Rmb investment function across the entire Chinese banking industry.

Inherited the investment business from China Development Bank, CDB Capital has become the integrated strategic investment platform with its business around the world. With the advantages of brand, strategies, civil-planning, capitals, networks, governments, industries and customers of China Development Bank, CDB Capital supports quality corporations and projects which are vital to the national economy, lead of industries, and sustainable developments via equity investment, and has formed four major segments of the business which are new urbanization, oversea investments, industrial investments, and fund business .

Especially in the field of urbanization, CDB Capital has formed a business network across the country, and invested more than 20 land development projects In 15 provinces, and participate in the construction of nearly 100 urban infrastructure investment. CDB Capital has become the leading investment institutions in the industry.