Board of Directors


The board of directors (the “Board”) and management are committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance principles and practices so as to promote corporate transparency and accountability. Good corporate governance is an integral element of a sound corporation to protect and enhance shareholders' value.

Role of the Board

The Board has overall responsibility for the proper conduct of the Company's businesses. The Board's primary role is to provide entrepreneurial leadership, set strategic aim and ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the Group to meet its objectives as well as to protect and enhance long-term shareholders' values. It sets the overall strategy for the Group and review management performance. To fulfill this role, the Board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the Group including establishing a framework of prudent and effective controls, setting its strategic direction, establishing goals for management and monitoring the achievement of these goals.The Board's approval is required for matters such as corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, majorinvestments, material acquisitions and disposals of assets, major corporate policies on key areas of operations, the release of the Group's quarterly and annual results, interested person transactions of a material nature, declaration of interim dividends and proposal of final dividends.All other matters are delegated to the Board Committees whose actions are reported to and monitored by the Board while the day-to-day operational responsibilities are delegated to the executive management and carried out under the supervision of the chief executives. All management and staff have defined roles and responsibilities and are subject to the Code of Conduct as set out in the Employee Manual which imposes on them specific obligations to our business.Currently, we have four functional committees which are set out below:

Audit Committee


List of directors and their role and function [pdf attachment: e-directorsrole.pdf]