Nanjing Yuhua Project

Total site area of 21.4 sq. km.

• Two Bridge Area (from Tiexin Bridge to Xishan Bridge) is located in the center of Yuhuatai District, the Software Valley, which will become the CBD of the district in the future. It undertakes an important responsibility for connecting the integrated development in the southern part of Nanjing

• Innovative business mode employed in the project: fixed investment return in primary development plus a linkage of primary development and secondary develop, which embodies the resources advantages of, and the great support from, CDB capital

• Yangtze River Delta region is one of the regions in China which has the greatest potential and vitality in the economic development, also is one of the target areas into which the Group will expand its business, and full of a large number of construction opportunities in urbanization projects, which provides an opportunity for the Group to diversify its investment.