Yangzhou Airport Project

An industrial new town established around Yangtai international airport, which is located in Jiangdu district, Yangzhou city. Yangtai airport has been approved by the State Council as the national first-class port and currently it has more than 20 domestic large and medium-sized cities air routes and several international routes, including South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and various regions in the southeast Asia.

• The region has a planning control area of 77 sq. km., which is located in the middle of Jiangsu province, an important geographical location, exposed to the double radiation from Shanghai and Nanjing metropolitan circle, and covering over 10 million people. It enjoys a very convenient transportation in the region, where airport, highway, port and railway have been built, and it enjoys an integration synergy advantage in terms of “port, road and airport”. The region will focus on the development of 4 industries, namely, airport logistics, electronic information, general aviation, high-end business services, the establishment of airport economic industry center and the creation of a model for the development of industry linked with city.